Useful links for newbies ;)

I thought it might be helpful to write a little post with some handy links to keep together. You can also find all this and more on our FAQs page.

(Image by Chloe Lodge)


If you’ve been featured on the blog or published in the magazine, you can download a badge here:

Also make sure you message us on Instagram to make sure we’re following you as our follow list over there is a virtual “index” of everyone ever featured by us on the hub, blog and/or magazine! ;)


We accept many kinds of blog posts including our regular series’ such as:

WDMTM (What Details Mean To Me) - show us how you capture details and why you love them.

Stories - if you have a project or story to tell with photos to represent it, send them in - we’d love to showcase new and interesting work whatever it’s about!

Growth - Then & Now - show us how you started, the really shocking embarrassing photos you took at the beginning and where you are now. Inspire the newbies who might think they will never get to the same position as those established photographers they admire by showing them we all started somewhere!

Photography Tips - we'd love you to share your tips with us, whether a full blown tutorial or just an idea, we all love to learn.

Submission details can be found here:

You can explore our various categories via the blog menu as shown below:

We also have tags at the foot of every blog post so you can find similar posts on certain topics and search for specific things like "Useful Information" which this blog post comes under ;)


Share your favourite images of the month in this Facebook group for your chance to be featured on our DBTD blog posts and maybe even win Top Shot! Every Top Shot winning image is published in the next edition of the magazine. Images but be taken in the current month (or very recent and newly edited) using the monthly hashtag, e.g.