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If you've received your copy of the first edition, we'd be so grateful if you'd leave us a review over on Facebook and/or Google!

Video by TDL team member Catherine East

Hannah Veale _ Son Reading Celebrate Edi

"Love what you've done with this edition - it's such a visual feast and it really inspires me to keep creating and improving. I've got so many ideas for new images and old ones waiting in the wings for your next round of submissions!"

HANNAH VEALE, contributor


"I absolutely love the magazine, right from the texture of the paper, print quality, different sections that it has been organized into, the images that have been printed to the articles written, everything is absolutely perfect. You can tell how much effort has gone into making this magazine perfect just from taking one look at it. Looking forward to the future issues."

"My copy of This Detailed Life celebration edition arrived on a Friday lunchtime. I was SO excited to open it up and flick through! As soon as I did however, I realised my error. By spending seconds thumbing my way through I was overwhelmed by the colour explosion and sheer beauty of the light and shadows in the images inside, even the feel of the paper was a joy. I quickly realised this was not the sort of magazine you just flick through. I placed it back in its envelope for safe keeping and - not knowing when that might be - decided to make a date with myself and this beautiful magazine. I seldom give myself the grace of 'me time' so it took several days to find the opportunity, but when that opportunity did arise, I was delighted I had saved it. What a feast for the senses it is and so incredibly inspirational. I will be picking this magazine up again and again for a long time to come."

CAROLINE OVER, contributor

bath (1).jpg

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how amazing I think your magazine is! I got mine in the mail yesterday and I laughed, I cried, and I smiled a ton. You and your team have created such an emotionally powerful magazine and wow was I ever inspired! So so many amazing artists and stories. I love love loved it and I am beyond grateful to have my work in such an incredible magazine! Thank you again for including me and I can not wait for the next magazine."


Photo by TDL team member Bethany Sunners


"Oh Bex. It came. And I cannot tell you how much I love it. It is hands down the most beautiful magazine I've ever seen. And I've seen a LOT during my media days. Just wow."


Photo by Founding Editor, Bex Maini

"WOW!! I wasn’t disappointed!! It’s a great size, so professionally compiled with fab articles and easy to read text. Every photo is credited and thoughtfully laid out to allow each image to shine. And the artist index at the back - genius! I love it! Very well done to all involved. I wish you every success."


Photo by contributor, Marge Bradshaw


"When This Detailed Life magazine dropped on my doormat yesterday morning it reminded me yet again, of the beauty of print.

At last, an emotively-focussed photography magazine, with page after page of inspiration. Talented artists at their best.

I'm putting the kettle on again for a second look through and literally cannot wait for Issue #2! ❤️"


Photo by contributor, Adele Major

"I loved the content and the quality of the actual magazine itself. The pages are so thick and heavy, you can feel the tactile quality of it. The images are amazing and the content is inspiring. Thank you for creating this. I look forward to future editions!"


Photo by contributor, Marge Bradshaw


"I just received my 2 copies of the magazine and am so thrilled and in disbelief!

Every minute detail about this book is phenomenal - the quality and its weight, the stories and photography, of course, and the inspiring words that fill it up. Thank you 1000 times over for including my Hero story and the food image; I could never thank you enough. Keri, my hero, came over this morning to pick up her copy of the book and she cried as she read those printed words. That is how much your time, dedication and love for this beautiful art has affected and inspired our lives."


Photo by editor, Bex Maini

"Taking time out to enjoy my copy of This Detailed Life all the way from England. What a beautiful publication telling the stories of so many during this unprecedented time. For The Love Of The Photograph is delighted to be a supporter of this venture and can see many more issues in their future. Well done to all involved with Bex Maini at your helm. "


Photo by contributor, Chloe Lodge

TDL Nixie.jpg

"I finally had a chance to sit down and look at my copy. Bex, congratulations on a stunning publication! I can't thank you enough for including my weird but heartfelt self-portrait series in the inaugural edition. It's truly an honor to be in such talented company. The magazine is nothing short of gorgeous. I love running my fingers over the pages as I soak in the narrative that weaves the story of the pandemic that bonds us. It's remarkable and beautiful!"


Photo by cover artist, Ann Owen

"It’s the most beautifully curated and presented magazine ever!"


Photo by contributor, Priyanka Berry

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