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Edition 5: ELEMENTS - Feature Articles Announced!

We love sharing our feature articles with you and boy what a line-up we have for this edition!

First up we have Kirsten Malone with her passion project, She Is Water...

"This passion project was created to raise awareness for the ongoing indigenous water crisis.
Canada is one of the most water-rich nations in the world yet there are several indigenous communities in Canada who don't have access to clean, drinkable water. Some dating back as far as 1995.
Lending my lens to this issue, to these women...
It feels so right that I want it to explode, to start conversations and raise awareness, to turn heads and raise questions and maybe even a few eyebrows."

Next up we have Nurul Yazid, an amazing underwater wildlife photographer who will be sharing some tips on getting started underwater as well as how she's noticing the oceans changing due to climate change and plastic pollution.

And representing Earth, we have landscape & travel photographer Beth Mancuso who runs Women's Photography Circle and Into The Wild We Go photography workshops.

And as for regular articles, we've had some amazing submissions and I can confirm we have Jo Martindale and Donna Jones contributing to "What Cate Wants Next" all about drones, I for one can't wait to read their advice and tips on getting started with drone photography!

AND, there's still a chance for you to be involved. Have a pitch idea for one of our Elements categories? Send it in now, you have 3 more days before the deadline!

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