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Frequently Asked Questions

I've been featured, do you have badges I can put on my website?

Yes!  If you've been published in the magazine, been featured on our blog or won a Top Shot award, you can download badges here and copy and paste this link ( to embed into the badge when you post it on your website.

Also make sure you message us on Instagram to make sure we’re following you as our follow list over there is a virtual “index” of everyone ever featured by us on the Instagram hub, blog and/or magazine!

How do I submit to the blog?  What kind of things do you accept?

We accept many kinds of blog posts including our regular series’ such as:

WDMTM (What Details Mean To Me) - show us how you capture details and why you love them.

Stories - if you have a project or story to tell with photos to represent it, send them in - we’d love to showcase new and interesting work whatever it’s about!

Growth - Then & Now - show us how you started, the really shocking embarrassing photos you took at the beginning and where you are now. Inspire the newbies who might think they will never get to the same position as those established photographers they admire by showing them we all started somewhere!

Submission guidelines can be found here:

What is DBTD and how do I enter?

DBTD stands for Details By The Dozen which is our monthly round up of 12 Editor's Choice Awards chosen by Bex from our Facebook Community Group.

Share your favourite images of the month in the Facebook group for your chance to be featured on our DBTD blog posts and maybe even win Top Shot!  Every Top Shot winning image is published in the next edition of the magazine.  Images must be taken in the current month (or very recent and newly edited) using the monthly hashtag, e.g. #dbtd_February

Find out more and see the past winners’ gallery here.

How do I submit to the magazine?

Magazine submissions are only open for a specific number of weeks for each edition, this will be announced via our mailing list and on our social channels so you don’t miss it!  Our current submissions are open for the COLOUR edition and close on 3rd March 2021.

Read more info here:

Read Kirsty’s guide to writing us an article here:

Read about how we select images for the magazine here:

Submit here:

How do I get featured on Instagram?

Use our hashtag #thisdetailedlife on Instagram for daily feature opportunities.  We don't routinely check images we're "tagged" in, just the hashtag.

You can follow us on Instagram at @ThisDetailedLife

What is the Discovery Feature?

We love to find new talent and you can see our Under 500 gallery here:

We ask for nominations for this feature so watch out on social media for the next one (you can also self-nominate which we encourage)!

A handful are also selected for publication in each edition of the magazine.

Which Charity do you support?

We support a different charity with each edition of the magazine, donating 10% of all sales of each edition to the selected charity. You can find out more about our chosen charities here.

Can I advertise with you?

Yes!  We offer opportunities to advertise in the magazine and can send you a media pack with our very competitive rates if you’re interested in advertising your presets, podcast, courses, mentoring services, books...

Anything photography related which our readers might be interested in.

Find out more on our advertising page.

Are there any other ways to get featured/get involved?

Yes!  We're always thinking up new ways to get our community involved and how to raise the voices of others. 

TDL Magazine Photos:

We select a number of photos taken by readers of the actual magazine itself - these are used both on our reviews page alongside the lovely words about the edition AND a selection are printed on a page in the following edition of the magazine itself.

Share your photos of our magazine on Instagram using #TDL_Magazine

8 Ideas:

We’ve started a new magazine series with an article in each edition giving you 8 ideas on a particular topic. Our Celebrate Edition featured our very own Bex writing about 8 ways to capture the magic of the festive season. Share your photos with the hashtag #TDL8ideas so we can see how you’ve been inspired and we’ll be sharing these in our stories, on our Instagram grid and on our blog in the future too.


We've started hosting weekly chats on Clubhouse (find out more here) to connect more with our community, help educate and inspire and just enjoy a natter with our fellow creatives.

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