SUBMISSIONS OPEN - Edition 3 - The COLOUR edition

We are thrilled and amazed with the response to our colourful cover contest - we received over 1400 talented entries and we can't wait to share the winning image with you! It's certainly a difficult job choosing, Bex is currently viewing every single one!

In the meantime, it's now time to submit your entries to fill our other pages! ;)

We usually give a list of categories, we know you love a clue on where to start with submitting your work so we've created this post to help you. Colour is SUCH a broad theme and we don't just want a massive pool of any images that just "aren't black & white" so we do have some guidance for you below, based on what we saw in the cover entries with some examples.

Top tip: If you entered our cover contest, we have already picked out a few (*cough* 238) entries we might like to publish in the magazine so there's no need to submit the same ones again.

What we'd love to see:

Colourful Skies

We LOVE the colourful skies we've seen so far, show us how many colours you've captured above us!

Block Colour

Show us your images with one overriding colour that fills the frame (or most of it) - we'd love to see the entire spectrum from red to violet and all the colours in between but only one colour per image like the examples in Bex's collage.

Remember any genre goes, whether it's family, nature, landscape, macro, still life, weddings, food...


From rainbows to a general mish mash of colours, shows us an explosion of colour!


Not all colours have to be vibrant and bright to be beautiful. Show us your gorgeous muted tones.

Pop of colour

I do hate that overused phrase but I don't know how else to describe it succinctly! The opposite of our frame filling block colour images, just a little splash of one colour.

Stephanie Schweitzer and Pamela Salai