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The Colour Edition - Announcing our Feature Articles

Every edition we hand pick selected artists for our main feature articles and interviews, past editions include artists such as Meg Loeks, Creative Soul, Anita Kram, Glenn Dene, Anca Clivet and Kirsty Larmour.

For Edition 3: COLOUR we are super excited to bring you Chloe Lodge, Sarah Krieg and Zakeya LaNique!

Chloe Lodge, from the UK but living in New Zealand, has a well known love affair with the colour blue and before we could even ask her, she messaged us about writing all about her beloved blues for this edition!

Not only do we get to hear more about Chloe's use of her now signature colour but she's also given us TWO books to giveaway! You can win her and Cindy's Book Bundle over on Instagram now!

Next up is Zakeya LaNique, from Atlanta in the US, a fantastic maternity and newborn photographer who embraces colour in a change from the more usual neutral images we see of newborn images taken in studios.

Her images are so rich and vibrant and I swear she photographs the cutest babies!!

Zakeya will be telling us all about how and why she uses colour and how she has curated such a stunning collection of props and swaddles.

And last but certainly not least, the first person I think of when I think colourful photography - the super fun Sarah Krieg from sunny California, USA!

We were a bit vague when asking Sarah to write for us (just knew we wanted her involved with this edition) so she brainstormed some great ideas and we couldn't choose so we've decided we're just going to interview her and ask about all of them! Haha! You won't want to miss this!


We've also already picked out some projects we'd like to feature which of course include the amazing Zephyre Hood, UK! Zephyre has done two rainbow specific projects so far, the first being her garage series and the second her home-schooling flat-lays. We'll be finding out more about the ideas behind these projects and how she created them.

And Saranya Padmanaban, UK, will be sharing her love of colour in nature with us with a "How To" on using colour theory when photographing the great outdoors.

It really is going to be such an amazing edition, I for one can't wait to see and read all of these colourful articles, let alone flicking through such a colourful feast for the eyes! It's like my dream issue! ;)

You can pre-order your copy now at our special early bird price:

And don't forget, submissions are open for 4 more weeks so there's still time to send us your article ideas, projects or just a few images for our galleries if you'd like to be published! Find out more here:

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