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Edition 4: LIGHT Cover Contest - What's catching our eye...

You have just 5 days left to get your entries in for the Cover Contest for Edition 4: LIGHT!

Deadline = THIS FRIDAY 18th June 2021!

We're blown away by your entries so far - almost 1000 already between Facebook and Instagram!!!

We thought we'd share a few entries that have caught our eyes so far to inspire you, we've mocked up a few of the Instagram entries very quickly to give a rough idea of how they might look (as this also helps us to make a decision when viewing the shortlisted entries).

Photo credits: L-R Top: Jessie Ellis, Natalie Robinson, Kirsty Larmour

L-R Middle: Sarah Widdowson, Natalie Finney, Claire Arnstein

L-R Bottom: Natalie Robinson, Melissa Richard, Ashley Kaplan

And here are a few that caught my eye on Facebook so far (which I haven't had a chance to mock-up yet)...

Top Left: Jennifer Dixon, Top Right: Melissa Richard, Bottom Row: Jennifer Connelly

Keep those entries coming, there's still time to wow us with your image showcasing LIGHT and take the front cover spot and win all the prizes as detailed here!

Good luck everyone!

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