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Edition 4! And the theme is...

It's time to announce the theme for Edition 4! This edition will be out in November 2021 and we want to bring a little light to those dark months!

So it was a no-brainer - our next edition will be themed LIGHT!

Light is indisputably the most important factor in photography. There are SO many ways to use it and we want to see all kinds of light in your submissions for this issue. We've included some examples below so get thinking, get shooting and explore those archives and send us your very best examples of stunning light!

Wanna see your image on the front cover? The Cover Contest for Edition 4 is opening this evening!

Cover Contest Submission Deadline: 18th June 2021

Who will be our next cover star?

If your image is chosen you don't just get the glory of being our cover star! You also get:

  1. a full page feature inside

  2. a free copy of the magazine AND

  3. a stunning fine art print of the cover from Folio Albums

Huge thanks to our lovely contest sponsor Folio Albums again for donating the winner's cover print!

And of course, start preparing for general submissions which will open later this month! We will announce it here first so make sure you're on our mailing list to be notified.

We can't wait to see all of your light-filled submissions and to see what our next cover will look like!

Top Tips:

  1. Our cover is always in VERTICAL format so please crop your landscape orientation images.

  2. We need space for text (although we keep this minimal), so we don't want the image to be too busy.

  3. We're looking for something striking which shows off the theme of LIGHT.

Who doesn't love beautiful light in its many forms. Here are just a few examples of the different kinds of light we'd love to see, as demonstrated by our wonderful TDL team...

Sun Flares

Image by Bex Maini

Window Light

Image by Beth Sunners

Golden Hour (and Blue Hour)

Image by Karah Mew


Image by Kirsty Hamilton (Deputy Editor)


(OCF, Flash, Lamp Light, Ring Lights, etc.)

Image by Jo Haycock


Image by Catherine East (Blog & Social Lead)

Harsh Light

Image by Kate Hennessey


(Bokeh, Fairy Lights, Diffracting through prisms, etc.)

Image by Zephyre Rose Hood

Think you have something eye-catching that could work in VERTICAL format? Hop over to our Facebook page later today and post it in the comments of our pinned contest post (this collage image below) or post on Instagram using the hashtag #TDLcovercontest4.

You have 2 weeks to get your entries in!

Full submission T&Cs can be found here. Good Luck!

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