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This Detailed Life
Content Release Form and Contract

I agree to bestow/allow This Detailed Life Magazine, located in Sussex, UK, the rights to use any portion of, or all of my writings, photographs and/or images (hereafter referred to as ‘submission(s)’ (listed in the content details) for their magazine. I hereby state that:

1. I am the sole owner and copyright holder of the submission(s) and have the right to allow This Detailed Life Magazine to publish my submission(s) without infringing on the ownership or copyright of anyone else.

2. I understand that This Detailed Life Magazine has no control over who reads This Detailed Life Magazine or the amount of readers of This Detailed Life magazine.

3. This Detailed Life Magazine will actively publish This Detailed Life Magazine whenever and in whatever media form they choose including but not limited to online, mobile and print modes of publication.

4. I understand and agree that This Detailed Life Magazine has no liability or involvement, legal or otherwise, with any submission(s) that I have not cleared the rights for.

5. This Release form will cover all my submission(s) to This Detailed Life Magazine.

6. I understand that the employees, editors and or legal representatives of This Detailed Life Magazine will not be held liable for any legal issues arising out of false statements made by me about my submission(s) or my inability or ignorance in clearing the rights with any other right holders of my submission(s).

7. I understand and agree that This Detailed Life Magazine may need to edit my submission(s).

8. I understand that This Detailed Life Magazine may or may not use my submission(s), or may decide to use only a portion of my submission(s), but by entering into this agreement I have given This Detailed Life  Magazine the option to use the submission(s) for publication with This Detailed Life Magazine.

9. I understand that all submissions are in-kind and my only compensation will be credit for my submission(s) published in This Detailed Life Magazine. Credit will be given under the name or pseudonym I specify as part of the copyright of the submission(s).

10. I understand that once submission(s) is made, they cannot be withdrawn.

11. In the case of submission(s) containing nudity or partial nudity, I agree to submit scanned copies of age verification documents of every person included in such depictions and pictures.

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