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Artist of the Edition - 3 Kelli Hendrix

Don't forget!!! You have only 24 hours left to get your submissions in for Edition 4: LIGHT! The next artist of the edition could be you! ;)

Next up in our features of stand out artists from the submissions to each magazine we are celebrating Kelli Hendrix.

If you missed our explanation about this new feature, you can read all about it here, but basically certain artists are discovered to have multiple finalist images in each round (as they're selected without knowing who took each photo) and we felt that all of their finalist images deserved to be seen so we're sharing them here on our blog.

Edition 3's stand out artist is Kelli Hendrix who had seven images which made it to the final round of selection. In the end we published two but we're sharing all seven here on the blog.

And the two we published...

Congratulations Kelli, our star photographer from Edition 3: COLOUR!

You can find Kelli here:

Instagram: @kellihendrixphoto

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1 Comment

Kelli here! This is such a lovely treat to be featured and celebrated in this way. Thank you so much!!!

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