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I'm so excited about this new magazine I'm creating with my awesome team of helpers!

This Detailed Life magazine is a professional photography magazine to showcase artwork by photographers around the world, to educate and inform, and above all to inspire.

Up until now This Detailed Life has been an Instagram hub to share detail photos. But it's not just about close-up details. To me and others it has always been about capturing the details of life in the sense of the moments that happen; the emotions, the stories. That's what I want to bring to the new magazine.

The theme of our first issue will be Quarantine. We want to share all of the amazing art that photographers have been creating during lockdown. You can find submission guidelines here.

I've also created some mock-ups of how the magazine might look - this could all change but it gives an idea of what we're trying to do with this.

The magazine will be available to buy in print, hopefully in June, the TDL team is made up of busy working mums with kids at home during the pandemic so it's difficult to put a definite date for this issue.

We envisage the magazine being a treasure trove of creative ideas that you will not only dip back into for inspiration and education but something to escape with, grab a cuppa and make time for you.

We'll have a selection of categories specific to the theme as well as our regular galleries - Details and Light Relief, we want your funnies! We'll also feature Projects every issue and will have feature articles and interviews, a How To section and and Artist Index so you can find and follow all of your favourite featured photographers!

We want to elevate our community and celebrate them. Join us!

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