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This Detailed Life Logos and Badges - created by Carin Thakrar Design

We really want to give a big shout out to Carin Thakrar for her beautiful designs. We love our new logos showing off our name boldly in our brand colours!

We also have shiny new badges, created to share with anyone featured or published in This Detailed Life magazine or on our blog. If you want to show off your achievement, contact us for a copy of the relevant badge and we'll send it right over for you to proudly display on your website/social media - as a stand alone or to place over the image which was featured, however you wish.

As well as designing, Carin is also a photographer so she's very well placed to help with other photographers' brand design needs, she has the inside info on what you might need and can help guide you to something that works with your personality and ethos to really show off who you are to potential clients.

You can find her at if you need a little help with your logo or branding.

We can't recommend her highly enough, she's been amazing at getting this done with our tight deadlines always replying promptly to my many emails! Thanks so much Carin!

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