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We've been having lots of exciting discussions about the future of This Detailed Life and how we run things here at TDL HQ. It's no secret that A LOT of work goes in behind the scenes and sometimes we struggle to keep up with everything we need to do in order to keep bringing you beautifully curated content.

We needed to make some changes in order to ensure we can keep creating the magazine, promoting amazing photographers (be they established or as yet "unknown") and inspiring you to grow and embrace your inner artist.

So what's new this year?

This year, we will only be publishing ONE magazine. The ELEMENTS edition 5 will be opening for general submissions very soon and will be published in May.

But don't worry because we have something extra exciting planned for Autumn/Winter of 2022!

Instead of Edition 6 coming out then (when lets face it, all photographers are pretty run off their feet, us being no exception), we will be running a BRAND NEW competition - The TDL Photography Awards! Details to follow later in the year.

What's changing with the magazine submissions?

In order to secure the future of the magazine, we're introducing a new system for submissions.

Access to the submissions page will be available only to people who have pre-ordered the magazine. Once you have purchased the Elements edition, you will be able to submit unlimited entries for your chance to be published in the magazine galleries.

Article submissions will be considered separately and has its own dedicated submissions page for anyone to pitch their ideas. You will not have to pre-order the magazine to pitch your article. Article submissions are open NOW and will close on 14th February!

Articles will be selected BEFORE general submissions close so if your article isn't selected for publication, you can still enter your images for the galleries as above.

And of course you can still purchase the magazine without submitting entries, at any stage until it's sold out.

What if you live in Europe?

Our European readers will have noticed we had to make some updates to our online shop last summer with the introduction of new tax rules following Brexit :-(

We are currently unable to ship to Europe via our own shop BUT we are working an alternative with Etsy who can handle this situation on our behalf and we hope to have this up and running asap so that no-one is excluded from submitting to or purchasing the magazine.

What about the TDL blog?

We'd really like to revamp the blog with more photographer stories, features, before & afters...

Submissions for our blog are ALWAYS open and free to submit here. We have a few saved stories we've yet to publish and we really want to share more via our blog as well as our monthly Details By The Dozen features and useful information. So send us your ideas now and if you're featured, you will be promoted across our social media!

Current blog ideas we'd love to receive:

In Summary...

  1. The cover contest has closed and the winner will be announced tomorrow

  2. Gallery submissions open on Monday 24th January (you will need to pre-order the magazine in order to submit your unlimited entries)

  3. Article pitches open on Monday 24th January (you will NOT need to pre-order the magazine to send your article ideas)

  4. European readers will be able to pre-order via Etsy

  5. There will only be one magazine published this year, in May

  6. We're going to be bigging up the TDL blog a lot more, send us your blog posts now

  7. We will be running the first TDL Photography Awards in the Autumn (details to follow)

One of the things we love the most about TDL is the amazing sense of community and support that you all bring to our space. We thank you so much for helping us to build something really special!

We can't wait to see what 2022 will bring!

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