Feedback Survey - results so far

I thought I'd share some of the feedback we've received from our survey sent out to contributors initially, to help guide us on our way forward into future editions. We want to make this magazine even more special and we need YOUR help to do that by filling in our reader survey.

Here are some of the points made - things readers liked and where we have room for improvement:

"Colorful and jampacked full of beautiful images. The magazine also stayed true to its title and 'mission' 'This Detailed Life'."

"The tactile feeling, the colours and the content!"

"I love how it flowed through with the themes. I also liked the different voices that were used throughout."

"Yes, definitely inspirational! I particularly liked the photo projects - lots of photos and just the right amount of text to set them off"

"Beautifully set out and great quality"

"I loved the quality of the prints. My photo was very true to its colours so it was perfect. I also loved the contributors index."

"Variety of images and artists"

"Beautiful layout, good quality thick pages."

"I loved the variety of images, the stories behind the projects and just pretty much the whole thing really."

"Lovely quality paper, interesting photos"

"The flow of the images, the articles, themed sections"

And where we can improve:

"Seemed like there were lots of images by a few photogs, I think more diversity would be better. Wasn’t huge on the rainbow trend, a little cliche. More articles!!"

"Lack of diversity. Limited text/article to read."

"In some pages, the images seemed to disappear into the gutter and felt a bit cut off, maybe a bit more space for the next one?"

"Would like to see articles by some “unknowns” too"

"Maybe a few more articles? I loved what there was and was eager to read more!"

"I think the balance was pretty good but I wouldn't complain if the galleries were larger"

"I felt like a lot of the photos were all very similar in style, dark and moody."

Everyone said they would recommend the magazine to a friend which is fab news! You can also read some of the lovely reviews we've been sent on our reviews page like this one from Lyndsey Bowman:

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how amazing I think your magazine is! I got mine in the mail yesterday and I laughed, I cried, and I smiled a ton. You and your team have created such an emotionally powerful magazine and wow was I ever inspired! So so many amazing artists and stories. I love love loved it and I am beyond grateful to have my work in such an incredible magazine! Thank you again for including me and I can not wait for the next magazine."