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Edition 4: LIGHT - Feature Articles

It's time we revealed our feature articles for Edition 4!

As always, we're lucky to have so many skilled photographers who want to write for us and we're delighted to announce the leading features you can look forward to in the Light Edition...

The Light Communion Collaboration - Amy Ryan, Amy Shire, Anna Rasmussen, Annick Paradis, Cami Turpin, Clare Pistache, Daphne Lamontagne, Dawn Pecorella Curto, Debs Stott, Emily Hamson, Janet Douglas, Jennifer Alderson, Jessi Hamersky, Judith Krasinski, Julie Ormonde, Kate Ainger, Kelli Hendrix, Kory Callihan, Leslie Schoen, Lisa Spencer, Maria Del Sol Sanchez, Meagan Dwyer, Melinda McIntyre, Nancy Magnus, Natalie Robinson, Toni Margolis and Wendy Alweyn.

This isn't just any ordinary hashtag alliance, it's a gift of light to each other in difficult times. They'll be sharing how it started, how it works and how it feels to be part of such an inspiring collaborative project.

Here's a teeny taste of the images they have cleverly blended together ..

Julie Hamlin on Black and White Photography

"....Black and white photography is not about converting a color image to monochrome. It's not as easy as merely eliminating the color saturation in post production. It is, and should be, much more complex than that...."

Julie will be sharing how light and shadows catch her attention and how they contribute to a compelling black and white image.

Ashley Kaplan on "The Day the Sun Didn't Rise"

"On September 9, 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, amidst a devastating wildfire season, I woke one morning to a sight that is forever seared in my visual memory.....As a photographer and lover of light, I had never imagined waking to a world where the sun didn't rise...."

Ashley highlights the burning issue of wildfires. Her personal account of the blazes in San Francisco last year give us a spectacular and unsettling insight into these devastating events and the consequences of our planet's warming cycle.

And there's more.....

As if that wasn't enough, we also have articles by Shannon Douglas, Anna Hurley, Andrea Anderson, Magda Hudy, Michelle Baisa and Kristi Gillette (full line up to be confirmed). Plus our very own Bex Maini returns with "8 ideas", her top tips to use window light and next up on "What Cate Wants Next" are Lensbaby's Omni Filters (including an exclusive review of a new wand to be released this autumn). Altogether.... Whoop!

How to order your copy...

You can currently pre-order your copy at our special early-bird price! Click here to pre-order and check out our gift shop to get ahead for Christmas too ;)

Full article information will be announced very soon, watch this space!

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