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Details By The Dozen - January 2021

We made it through what seems to have been the longest January ever with lockdown back in force here in the UK. I hope you're all staying safe and are feeling a little more hopeful with vaccines rolling out and lighter days approaching as we enter February.

This month the Editor's Choice Awards contain some beautiful vibrant colours, very apt for our upcoming Edition 3 of This Detailed Life magazine! These have certainly brightened my January as I browsed through the group photos you've all been sharing. Plus I absolutely love all the real life moments you've been sharing too, especially the ones included below with oversized winter socks, a burying of a head in a chair (haven't we all felt like that at some point during quarantine??), inspiration from Kamala Harris as VP and a High School teacher addressing his class via zoom while cradling his sleeping child.

Congratulations to Katja Riga, winner of this month's TOP SHOT with this intriguing abstract close-up of what appears to be threads? I adore the line of bokeh along the top and the rich colours!

If you're featured below, please feel free to download the appropriate "featured" badge to display on your website if you wish:

Katharine Vogel

Zephyre Hood

Adele McCarthy-Watson

Kirsten McIntosh

Miranda Anne

Hollie Jeakins

Bethany Huckins

Sarah Lappano

Michelle Baisa

Melinda McIntyre

Danielle Jacobson

Join in this month by posting in our Facebook group for your chance to be featured in our February round up!

Don't forget to submit your images to the latest magazine too! Read more about the requirements and some top tips here:

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