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Artists I Love by Bex Maini!

I just wanted to spread a little love to some of my favourite photographers!

During the process of setting up this magazine, choosing DBTD images and going through so many amazing images from so much talent (which you can read more about here), I started to notice I was drawn to lots of images by the same artists, sometimes without realising it. I was a fan of theirs without even knowing who they were. I've included just a few below but I think this needs to be a series as I am discovering so much talent I hadn't seen before and want to share them all!

Of course this is very subjective as it's based on my own tastes so other members of the TDL team will make their own "share the love" posts too! This post will show you some of my personal favourites.

I've chosen to feature the following photographers first as their colours (or tones in the case of Mireia's B&W feed) jump out at me and you should all know by now how much I love colour! You may also notice that I tend to favour the "dark and moody" but not always - Nikia's colourful shots are very light and airy!

I recommend you follow each and every one of those featured below if you aren't already!

Morven's images of her family are always so warm and make me feel cosy! Her tones are stunning and she captures cute moments and details perfectly.

Nikia's bright and cheerful feed is such a joy! I love her use of bright colours and pastels together and her bath-bomb series with her daughter is so fun!

Mireia is a fellow twin mum and has a beautiful bathtime series of them (soon to be featured on our blog!). As you can see, she works in black and white with gorgeous dramatic contrast while capturing her family life.

Melissa's dramatic images always catch my eye in our Facebook community! Again, you can see I'm drawn to warm, high contrast editing with strong colours :)

Chinelle is the queen of self portraits! I've followed her My Black Self portrait for a long time and she's constantly developing new ideas and speaks passionately about her blackness. I love the way she uses colour and can turn even the most mundane daily tasks into beautiful art, as seen in her recent appliances project.

Dana's lockdown inspiration for her 365 project was recently featured on our blog. Her photos of everyday moments are simply stunning! I love the way she uses light, whether it's full sun or good old golden hour, she even turns flat light to her advantage.

The TDL team will each be writing their own "Artists I love" posts soon so we'll be sharing the love with a variety of tastes.

Who are you favourite photographers? Leave us a comment so we can find yet more beautiful work to admire :)

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