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About our "Under 500" Discovery Feature

Our Discovery Feature: "Under 500" is drumming so much interest we thought we'd tell you little bit more about it. Instagram is full of incredibly talented artists and we are so fortunate to access so much talent, experience and inspiring content - but don't you sometimes want to discover something different; someone new; someone you haven't seen before; or something refreshing that hasn't been seen everywhere else?! We certainly do and it appears you do too!

We are thrilled to see you joining in by tagging your favourite artists with under 500 Instagram followers. We have been blown away by the response and it's been truly lovely to see so many in our community lifting up others, nominating one another and sharing love back and forth in the comments. Big kudos to those brave enough to nominate themselves too - we all know how hard it is to put yourself forward and if you haven't done so already, there's still time. You've got nothing to lose and can even do it privately via DM so please don't hold back.

So what happens after you've made a nomination? Well the TDL team will have the tricky job of compiling a shortlist, then whittling the list to a handful of finalists that will feature in the next TDL magazine in the "Celebrating the Under 500" category. The nominees will also have a chance to be featured in the other categories as we work through their portfolios. So it's a great way to share your work, get discovered, grow your reach and connect with other like-minded photographers.

For us this isn't a numbers game though. You don't reach utopia when you reach 1K, 5K or even 10K followers. We don't necessarily believe the number of followers on Instagram indicates how how successful or talented you are! Some artists are just starting out; some haven't quite got to grips with working those algorithms (many of us completely suck at social media growth!) and some just don't have the time and/or energy to spend engaging and working on their "presence". Some might not even care. Yes, we all know that having followers can help you get seen, especially if you're in business. But the focus here is on discovery and connection.

If you can't wait until Edition 2 to find some new talent and connections you can click here to see the under 500 gallery so far.

Do make sure you're following us for updates, giveaways and more opportunities to have your work published.

You can join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook (and for another way to get your images seen, join in with our Details by the Dozen blog features chosen in our Facebook community group).

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