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The LIGHT edition in print (expected dispatch November 2021).


Feature Articles:

Light Communion Project - Amy Shire & Collaborators

Seeing in Black & White - Julie Hamlin

The Day the Sun Didn't Rise - Ashley Kaplan

A Flare For Vintage Lenses - Shannon Douglas

Light By Night - Anna Hurley

Lighting The Way - Kristi Gillette

Light on the Landscape - Magda Hudy

Artificially Natural - Andrea Anderson

Simple Self Portraits - Michelle Baisa


Regular Articles:

8 Ways by Bex Maini

What Cate Wants Next - Omni Filters by Catherine East


Regular galleries:


Details by the Dozen (DBTD Top Shots)

Discovery Feature (Under 500)

Light Relief (Funnies)


10% from the sale of each edition will go to charity, this issue we've chosen to support Light For The World.

Edition 4: LIGHT This Detailed Life Magazine

  • The magazine is printed in the UK using high quality paper with perfect bound cover.  We want this to be an investment you enjoy holding, dipping into and flicking through while enjoying a cuppa.

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