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Introducing: Kirsty Hamilton

I have always loved stories.

Reading them, writing them, hearing them, telling them.

It was no surprise to anyone, that a childhood spent with my nose firmly in a book, or sat furiously scribbling, pen to page, finally resulted in a career in journalism.

And on the days I spent hunting down exclusives, and then the subsequent adrenaline-fuelled nights occupied with editing breaking stories in the heart of the newsroom, I knew I'd found my passion and the job I'd be doing forever.

Until I had a baby and toddler in the house, and my life and priorities shifted dramatically.

Like many a new mother - I had lost my sense of self and purpose, I felt adrift.

Until I picked up my camera again and realised I could still tell stories. And although they felt small, they were important to me.

Big, personal stories, closer to home. Stories that happen in the small moments of fierce cuddles and whispered 'I love yous' and tickle chases and shared joy.

Stories that portray a simultaneously universal and yet totally personal experience.

Lockdown has been an intense and strange experience. Like many photographers I am frustrated at not being able to work.

But I have also found myself picking up my camera more than ever.

I have rediscovered a love of photographing my family, and focusing on what it means to be where we are and who we are in this pivotal moment in history.

Which is why when Bex approached me with her idea to start up a magazine focused on stories and details and moments, I was immediately captivated. Her ideas (and enthusiasm) resonated strongly with me.

I can't wait for you all to hold our first issue in your hands, to be inspired and uplifted by the incredible personal stories, told through the eyes of some insanely talented photographers from all around the world.

And, at this pivotal moment in time, I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.

Kirsty Hamilton is an award-winning journalist and editor. She was shortlisted in the Being Mum category for the Photobox Instagram Photography Awards, and has had her photos published in The Times, the BBC, The Guardian, the Metro, The Wandsworth Magazine and The Daily Mail

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