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Guest Post: Michelle Baisa - What Details Mean To Me

Next up on "What Details Mean" is Michelle Baisa, a nature and macro photographer based in NW Indiana, USA. With a keen eye for detail Michelle seeks out personality and beauty in everything she captures and believes wholeheartedly that "nothing is just something." To Michelle, the little things are everything.

What Details Mean to Me

As a nature photographer, my primary goal is to record the environment around me. My desire is to capture the light, shadows, colours, and details I’m experiencing at a moment in time. When I zero in even further, on the macro level, all of these things become larger than life. They inspire me to keep searching, keep shooting, and keep sharing.

Details Mean Discovery

It’s incredible to think how many of the smallest pieces of nature are never seen by the human eye. My macro lens, in particular, helps me to find the most interesting and exciting details… the tiniest hairs on a leaf, minuscule dewdrops on a petal, or a fine silk strand linking two small stems. I consider it an honour to have the opportunity to explore our natural world and blessed to be able to share what I find.

Details Mean Beauty

Despite the fact that, sometimes, I am photographing a dead leaf or a naked branch, for example, I am always seeing the beauty in their intricacies. Lines, textures, shapes, and colours all play a part in that. I’ve even been known to face my fears, getting close to a spider or bee, on occasion, to photograph their incredible details. All of these things equal beauty in my eyes.

Details Mean Peace

The more time I spend in nature, observing the details in flowers, bushes, trees, and leaves, the more time I spend with myself. This process often helps me to decompress from a crazy day or find a moment alone to work through different thoughts and emotions. It can be just the encouragement I need to keep moving forward and get back to business.

Details Mean Joy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gasped with glee while out photographing the environment. Even what, on first glance, might seem like the most mundane of subjects, can be transformed in the perfect golden light or after having been touched by frost. In my work, I try to express the excitement I feel when I look through my viewfinder at all of nature’s finest details.

Details Mean Inspiration

The more I find, especially working in close-up and macro photography, the more I am inspired to keep looking. I will photograph one subject using different settings, perspectives and compositions because I can’t get enough. I will move from one Queen Anne’s Lace to another, just in case the second has something unique I didn’t see in the one before it. Nature’s details inspire me to keep documenting.

Details Mean Everything in nature photography. For me, uncovering and recording them is a source of inspiration, joy and peace. It helps to remind me that there is beauty everywhere; I just have to stop for a moment to breathe it all in.

Instagram: @michellebaisa

Join us on Clubhouse this evening at 9pm GMT for a chat with Michelle and ask any questions you may have!

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