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Details By The Dozen - September 2021

Have you seen the Under 500 Gallery on our website? It's currently being update with this round's shortlisted nominees and wow! What talent, yet again we've found via this process, looking to shine a light on those with smaller followings on Instagram. We've already added 98 new images!

Check it out here to see the whole shortlist from this and previous rounds!

Anyway, on with this month's DBTD selections...

This month's Top Shot winner is Kirsten Malone! I love how different this is and the light hitting that huge variety of mushrooms & toadstools against the dark background is beautiful! What a foraging session you must have had to find them all!

Congratulations Kirsten, please send the high res version to asap for printing in the Light edition of the magazine!

And congratulations too to the other 11 artists featured for September...

Sammi Hammonds

Claire Mallon

Sophia Mattia Rowley

Donna Jones

Melissa Jeras

Emma Fooks

Debbie Hunter

Danielle Jacobson

Jennie Verney

Mara Cabral

Rebecca Walls

Don't forget to pre-order your copy of the brand new LIGHT edition of the magazine here:

Have a great Autumn!


While we have your attention, don't forget to check out our gift shop with our popular ring prism, cute camera pins and amazing fine art prints available too!

Prints by Regina Boston and Leah Barad

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