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Details By The Dozen - September 2020

What a month September's been in our ever-changing world! With two separate illnesses (it would be too easy if my twins got poorly at the same time, right?) needing Covid Testing due to high temp/excessive coughing it's been a bit of a struggle to get anything done while isolating at home again. Nevertheless, here we are at the beginning of October (WHEN did that sneak up on me?!) with another round of stunning DBTD Editor's Choice awarded images to share with you...

Huge congratulations to Top Shot winner, Emma Fooks, you've inspired me to get out hunting conkers this weekend! Please send me the high res of your fabulous image to be printed in the DBTD gallery in the magazine :D

Candice Shuman

Katharine Vogel

Alice Chapman

Melissa Richard

Tanya Ohara

Miranda Anne

Sarah Lappano

Elora Viano

Kirsty Larmour

Christina Myhre

Again, I'm loving the eclectic mix of styles and genres being shared in our group and seeing the start of that lush autumn light and colours!

Don't forget, pre-orders for the next edition of This Detailed Life magazine are open! Don't miss out on owning your copy or our Celebrate Edition, I'm currently working on curating our galleries and they are looking amazing - it's tougher than ever to choose!

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