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Details By The Dozen - June 2021

Edition 4 of TDL magazine has been announced, the cover is chosen and we're open for submissions! You have one month to get your article ideas in to us and two whole months for gallery submissions!

If you missed out on Editions 2 & 3, we have just one of each remaining so grab them quick! You can purchase the magazine here and don't forget to check out our gift shop with our popular ring prism, cute camera pins and amazing fine art prints available too (including last month's DBTD Top Shot winner by Regina Boston which looks amazing printed by our fantastic partner, Folio)!

Prints by Regina Boston and Leah Barad

This month's Top Shot winner is Claire Mallon with this fantastic long exposure showing such wonderful blurred movement!

Congratulations Claire!

And congrats too to the other 11 artists featured in June's DBTD...

Andrea Davis Darrah

Heather Lee Wilson

Sarah Lappano

Shae Dwyer

Gemma Crockart

Paphro Arijee

Shannon Douglas Jones

Melinda McIntyre

Clare Champion

Melissa Jeras

Julie Hamlin

Don't forget to submit your work if you'd like to be published inside Edition 4 and you can pre-order your copy of the brand new LIGHT edition of the magazine here:

Have a great week!


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