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Details By The Dozen - July 2022

Catching up with our Summer blog posts and we have another gorgeous collection of Editor's Choice awards from our Facebook group!

Congratulations to Holly Restani for winning TOP SHOT for July, I adore this!

Holly Restani

And Leslie Schoen who came a close second with this artful, creative image and the caption she shared...

"'sometimes I get carried away'

I was reading today about the idea of art as medicine. Soul medicine. The term daimon kept coming up in my reading, which I had to look up to understand more. I learned that it's a word used to account for the urge we all feel to discover and align our life with a personal calling, unique to our individuality and interests and which we can passionately devote our life to. A complex or force existing in everyone, whose function is to help us find our personal calling and provide the motivation to follow it.

An interesting word to learn, and it fits perfectly with the image I was working on."

Leslie Schoen

Cheryl Dietmyer

Miranda Melton

Julie Hamlin

Tracey Strachan

Jana Barbosa

Janet Douglas

Samantha Deakin

Abi Coop

Carrie Bayless

Candice Shuman

There's so much talent in the TDL Facebook group, you can join here if you're not already in there and don't forget to check out previous Top Shot winners here.

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