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Details by the Dozen - January

January is a long, hard month. Dark nights, no more sparkly lights and exciting events to attend, a loooong wait for payday...

Apologies for this post being a little late, I was in Facebook jail for 7 days until the 1st Feb (see here if you want to know the story behind that!) so was only able to round up some final entries then.

BUT, we've kept creating and I have some beautiful detail images to share with you this month, selected from our Facebook group. I really had trouble picking a favourite this month, they're all SO good but, I did (Thanks Kirsty Hamilton for a little nudge between my final two).

This month's Top Shot award goes to Lorna Gamble! Congratulations, I LOVE the storytelling in your image, the grain really emphasises the grittiness of those grazed knees contrasting with the delicate little hands but surrounded by the deep dark shadows - perfect B&W conversion and as Kirsty said, the story is all in those details!

Scuffed knees B&W

Squishy baby wrinkles B&W

Kirsty Larmour

Catherine Armstrong

Ann Owen

Leila Balin

Kristen Anderson

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