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Details By The Dozen - December 2021


Sorry this DBTD is so late, December was hectic and there were tonsil issues and all sorts so I basically took the month off!

Prepare for some awesome December details though (and from what I've seen so far, January's post will be amazing too)!

This month's Top Shot winner is Abi Coop! Congratulations Abi, what a stunning image!

You'll find all previous Top Shot winners in our online DBTD gallery.

And congratulations too to the other 11 artists featured this month...

Nichole Quinn

Adina Davidson

Julie Hamlin

Samantha Deakin

Melissa Richard

Megan Heinen

Janet Douglas

Amy Smith

Kirsten Malone

Savita Ganesan

And I couldn't pick just one from Zephy's epic Advent project so I asked her for a full collage!

Zephyre Rose

Bex ;)

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1 Comment

Jan 10, 2022

Absolutely stunning, thank you so very much for including mine with all these incredible images 😍

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