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Details By The Dozen - December 2020

Happy New Year! Here's hoping!

December saw a stunning selection of festive images and real life shared in our group. It was, as always, tricky to choose just 12 to feature here!

This month I have chosen TWO Top Shot winners. For a couple of reasons - I genuinely couldn't decide between them and I want to bring forward our publication date for the next magazine and this way we can still have 6 to a page, bonus!

Congratulations to both Savita Ganesan and Kirsten Malone, winners of this month's TOP SHOT with these amazing images.

I love the colour, bokeh and movement in Savita's dancing shot with the focus landing right on those cute little toes! (Savita, was this freelensed or shot with a lensbaby?)

Kirsten shared a whole collection of detail self portraits in the group but this one stood out to me for its simplicity, focusing on those gorgeous silvery stretch marks and the unusual composition with the focal point being right at the edge of the frame and so beautifully lit!

Katharine Vogel

Melissa Richard

Heather McHenry Wilson

Seona Misumi

Candice Shuman

Sarah Ashton Boyd

Autumn Trees along a road from above - drone shot
Joan Arpaia

Tandra Nicole

Katharine Vogel

Danielle Renée Jacobson

Join in by posting in our Facebook group for your chance to be featured next month!

You can still order copies of the Celebrate edition of This Detailed Life magazine here:

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