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Details By The Dozen - December

Another year of details over. It's looking exciting for the new year with our new This Detailed Life Facebook group to share our love for details and submit images for the possibility of a DBTD feature. Please do come and join us if you haven't yet! This months images are a mixture of the old gang and some new photos chosen via the group as it will be continuing and I will be choosing a top shot each month.

This month we have cosy moments, snuggles, warm light and fun festivities. Do scroll down through all dozen beautiful photos and leave us a comment at the bottom if you like what you see :) Feel free to share this post too! Oh and since today's my birthday, please allow me to indulge myself with my detail related news at the bottom of this post ;)

Congratulations on your DBTD Top Shot Ann Owen! I love your close-up bump shot with the Christmas tree helping to tell the story in the background, such wonderful colours with that robe as well and beautiful lighting!

DBTD TOP SHOT - December, by Ann Owen

Mindy Tingson

Morvern Shaw

Beth Sunners

Leila Balin

Aline Memmott

Priyanka Berry

Anna Hurley

Lorna Gamble

Kirsty Larmour

Chloe Lodge

Bex Maini

I'd also like to congratulate all those who placed in the recent Documentary Family Awards. This was the first time they've had a details category after 5 previous competitions. I was delighted to place 8th with this detail shot of my son's shoulder in the shower...

You can see the other detail winners and other categories here.


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