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Details By The Dozen - August 2022

I hope you all had a wonderful summer! Ours seems to have flown by this year but it's been fun! I'm looking forward to autumn colours, cosy nights and Halloween fun (but not the giant spiders coming inside already!!)

Keep posting your gorgeous shots in our Facebook group for #DBTD_September. Here are August's Editor's Choice Awards...

Congratulations to our TOP SHOT winner this August, Samantha Deakin with this gorgeous low light image!

Samantha Deakin

Danielle Jacobson

Carrie Bayless

Samantha Deakin

Helen Elder

Gemma Herrington

Regina Boston

Jennifer Cole

Alexandra Thomas

Abi Coop

Dallas Denoo

Emily Eatough

There's so much talent & inspiration in the TDL Facebook group, you can join here if you're not already in there and don't forget to check out previous Top Shot winners here.

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