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Details By The Dozen - August 2020

Seriously you guys, the talent in our TDL group is amazing, I'm finding it harder and harder to choose just 12 every month!

Sorry for the delay posting this week, it's been rather hectic to say the least. With our cover contest, finding and announcing feature articles, opening pre-orders and with our "celebrate" submissions form now live, it's been full on behind the scenes updating the website, posting on social media and sending info out to our mailing list. All super exciting though - I am SO excited about this issue!

Personally I'm in the final furlong of summer holidays with my twins, we're all counting down the days to school now - some (semi-)normality and routine will be very welcomed in our house! Juggling work, the magazine and everything else in life has been tricky so I'll be happy to get my own photography biz up and running again (with any luck)!

Anyway, without further ado, here are this month's fabulous Editor's Choice awarded images. Huge congratulations to Top Shot winner, Ashley Reeves! This is such a great shot!

Orsolya Boncser

Christina Mhyre

Shannon Jones Douglas

Kellie Overholt

Katharine Vogel

Shannon Jones Douglas

Zephy Rose Hood

Jaclyn Ettenger

Sarah Lapanno

It was so so difficult to choose but I'm loving the eclectic mix of styles and genres being shared in our group!

Don't forget, pre-orders for the next edition of This Detailed Life magazine are open! Don't miss out on owning your copy or our Celebrate Edition! And Ashley, please send me the high res of your fabulous image to be printed in the DBTD gallery in the magazine :D

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