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Under 500 Gallery - Round 2

The Under 500 discovery feature was such a success last time, we published many of the images from the gallery in Edition 2: Celebrate and not just on the Under 500 page, there was just SO much talent! Of course, we had to run nominations again for this edition and again found some amazing new talent we had been unaware of so thank you to everyone for bigging up your fellow photographers and making this the supportive community it is!

We were inundated with nominations yesterday (and they're still open) and have already updated our online gallery with the amazing images we've received so far. Do check it out here to be inspired and discover some new people to follow - every image links to the artist's Instagram profile. I love how many of you were sharing the love and telling us about other artists we should all know about, I could barely keep up and loved viewing all the profiles you suggested!

We already have 51 new images in the gallery from 30 different artists whom we're now following on Instagram too (we follow everyone we feature here or in the magazine and on our Instagram hub so our follow list is an index of who we've featured over the years).

We'll be closing nominations soon but do love the excitement and camaraderie this feature always brings with it! Thank you again for making This Detailed Life what it is and do make sure you check out all this talent in the Under 500 Gallery, it really does prove that follower numbers mean nothing when it comes to how talented a photographer is! You can still nominate your favourites over in Instagram now.

If you want to make sure you don't miss out on Edition 3: Colour, you can pre-order now and for the next 30 hours you will receive FREE access to ALL THREE digital editions of This Detailed Life magazine online to celebrate our Digital Edition launch, making the magazine more accessible around the world! Pre-order Edition 3 here and make sure you're logged into our site as a member before checking out for the automatic free access to work ;)

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