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Our Beautiful First Edition Front Cover!

Choosing a front cover is no easy task! We had some amazing entries, many of which would have made great covers. There were a few which just wouldn't work with even minimal text around them or when cropped to the portrait format required and we wanted something with impact, especially for our first edition.

When we saw this image by Ann Owen, we all agreed it was perfect! It fits the theme, what with rainbows being a big part of the message of hope during quarantine around the world, as well as that slightly crazy feeling staying at home all this time - resorting to quite literally painting faces. And then there's that slightly serious face contradicting the happy colours and gazing off to the side in thought, just as many of us have been contemplating things during the outbreak of Covid-19 (the eyes bringing attention up to our logo was a bonus). Our text stands out really well against the dark background around the edges too but the image easily takes centre stage, we love it!

Thank you Ann for sharing this gorgeous photo of your daughter, Nixie, with us all for this first edition cover! Thank you also to our partner, Folio Albums for donating a fine art print of this cover for Ann to keep and cherish along with her free copy of the magazine.

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