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Edition 2: "Celebrate" submissions open

Want to be published in This Detailed Life magazine?! It's time to send us your "celebrate" images.

With the world in such a shaky, uncertain state right now, we want to bring a beacon of positivity, light and love. So we want to see what you celebrate; how you celebrate; and who you celebrate and connect with. We're not just talking about the big events but the smaller everyday ones too. Let's spread some hope and cheer as we head into the dark winter months.

Share away and don't be shy, you've got nothing to lose!

What we really love about this theme is it can be defined in so many ways! You'll see below that we've proposed a number of categories as a guide but feel free to send us your interpretation of the theme, even (or especially) if it doesn't seem obvious! We like the unexpected so we've given ourselves permission to tweak the categories somewhat later once we've seen what you send.

Food - what's a celebration without food?! Maybe food is the celebration!

The World - nature, travel, cultures, the weather...

Each Other - think connection, love, weddings, families, communities, birthdays...

The Everyday - the beauty in everyday life and routines

Yourself - self-portraits, achievements, individual strengths...

Holidays - Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Eid...

(The magazine will be coming out in December but we're happy to include all sorts of holiday celebrations from across the whole year!)

Street or Festival - Pride, music festivals, carnivals, street parties...Show us the celebrations that have been happening in your street or any festival fun you've had - let's live vicariously through each other's experiences while these things are on hold around the world! Or maybe you've been to a socially distanced version recently?

Red & Gold - Two bold colours often used in celebrations around the world, this gallery will be a fun vibrant section! Abstract or on a larger scale, show us how you've seen these colours through your lens.

......and not forgetting our regular galleries:

Details - the little things that tell the story

Light Relief - send us your funnies!

Please read on for more information and guidelines about sizing and naming your images.


Please resize images to 1000 pixels on the longest edge, max 1Mb. Name images with the category and your name eg: TheEveryday_BexMaini_01

Incorrectly named images will unfortunately have to be discarded as we won't be able to trace them back to the author. (We have a post coming soon which explains our selection process.)

Submit your work via our submission form. You can submit up to 20 images (each form allows 10 files so submit a second form if needed). All artists will be credited on the image/page as well as in the Artist Index.

We'd like to feature images, projects, articles and tutorials as well as gallery images. For these, please submit a separate form including at least 5 images per article and fill in the text box with a short summary of what you'd like to write for us.

The deadline is now FRIDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER 6am BST Of course, make sure you own copyright of anything you send us and have permission from those in your photos for us to publish them. If we select any of your images to be published, we will be in touch to request the high resolution file(s) in October.

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