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Details By The Dozen - October 2021

Edition 4 is imminent! I am off to the printer today to proof sheets before they proceed with printing today! The Light edition of This Detailed Life magazine will be in your hands shortly and if you have purchased digital access, this is now LIVE! Access the digital edition via the link in your email you would have received when you pre-ordered. Print copies are now sold out but if you'd like to purchase digital access, you can do so here:

Anyway, on with October's DBTD selections...

This month's Top Shot winner is Adina Davidson! Congratulations Adina, I adore the layers and drama in this shot, please leave us a comment telling us how you created it, was it an in-camera multiple exposure?

Adina Davidson

You'll find Adina's image along with the five previous Top Shot winners inside Edition 4: Light as well as in our online DBTD gallery.

And congratulations too to the other 11 artists featured in October...

Katja Riga

Zephy Rose Hood

Lisa Lloyd

Julie Hamlin

Darcie Silver

Angie Mahlke

Miranda Melton

Caitlyn Foley

Priyanka Berry

I hope you all had a great Halloween, who else is excited about Christmas now?!

Bex ;)

While we have your attention, don't forget to check out our gift shop with our popular ring prism, cute camera pins and amazing fine art prints available too!

Prints by Regina Boston and Leah Barad

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