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Details By The Dozen - March 2022

Well, this one's rather late! Apologies, it entirely slipped my mind amongst the magazine design madness this month. Without further ado, here are March's 12 Editor's Choice Awards...

Congratulations to Louise Harmston for winning this month's Top Shot with this fabulous detailed watery image!

Louise Harmston

Tracey Strachan

Karen Thorne

Julie Hamlin

Holly Nicole

Zephyre Rose

Carrie Bayless

Helen Elder

Ronni Evans

Dallas Denoo

Bethany Huckins

Janet Douglas

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3 comentarios

Carrie Bayless
Carrie Bayless
17 abr 2022

Love all of these! I’m honored to be included, thank!

Me gusta

Dallas Renee
Dallas Renee
16 abr 2022

Thank you! Such an honor to be included.

Me gusta

Honoured and thrilled to be included here, thank you! Love Louise’s deserved top shot

Me gusta
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