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Details By The Dozen - April 2021

Edition 3 of TDL magazine is at the printer (I even got a sneaky peek at it being printed for the first time since we're no longer in lockdown!), it is looking stunning and bursting with joyful colour and should be shipping out next week!

You can still order here if you haven't already grabbed one, we only have a few extras so don't miss out if you want one!

This month's Top Shot winner is Kaylene Bain with this fantastic documentary shot which has me craving hot summer days. I especially love the balloon on the right refracting the house behind, so many details to enjoy!

Congratulations Kaylene!

And congrats too to the other 11 artists featured in April's DBTD...

Tandra Hull

Candice Schuman

Cynthia Dawson

Orsolya Bonscer

Cathy Gagnon Bedard

Abi Coop

Andrea Davis Darrah

Melissa Richard

Heather Lee Wilson

Kristi Perley-Robertson

Elora Viano

Do check out our new gifts in the TDL shop! They're proving pretty popular - which is your favourite?

And of course, don't forget to order your copy of this vibrant edition of the magazine here:

Have a great week!


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