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Edition 2: Announcing the cover winner

Thank you to everyone who submitted "Celebrate" front cover images for This Detailed Life Edition 2. There were so many wonderful entries (334 to be precise!) we had such a difficult job selecting just one cover star.

So, here's a huge congratulations to Nikia Paden - your image said it all!

We completely fell for the look of pure joy on her adorable face! There's an obvious birthday vibe going on with the gold crown and balloons, but there's also a clear celebration in the pleasure of food. Hands up - it just made us smile too and given that we've all been living through a worldwide pandemic over the past 6 months, we figured you'd all feel the same. No doubt we've all found joy in the little things this year and everyday things like ice cream treats are definitely worth celebrating!

It wouldn't be right, however, to leave it here and not show you how difficult this process really was. We loved so many of the entries, we decided to list our five runner up images too. Bex, (our Founding Editor) mocked up each one that made it to the final stages of selection and we've tagged the photographers too so please do go and leave them some love over on Instagram...

Our first (and second!) runner up is Melinda McIntyre. It was such a close call we've decided to publish this amazing confetti image on our back cover! It's simply stunning!

Congratulations to all of you - you're so talented. If only we could have 5 front covers!

So what's next? Well, there's an exciting announcement tomorrow revealing the two amazing artists (well, there's three actually as one's a duo - there's a little clue) featuring inside Edition 2. These guys are monumentally talented and each has something unique to share with us all.

We're also delighted to be opening general submissions later this week so do sign up to our mailing list for updates! Stay tuned!

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